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Filipino Hair

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Is stylish, soft and full of lustre. Collected in specific geographical regions, which retain their cuticles and are hand arranged to ensure all the cuticles are facing the same direction from root to end. You will receive endless complements from family members, friends and strangers on a daily basis. Our research and development team have been working with local collectors just a few miles away from santiago de cali, Colombia, to ensure that its hair is ethically sourced and is of the finest quality.

Please note: Our hair extensions are virgin hair (No dyes or chemicals have been used to achieve the natural hair colours) so therefore you may experience slight discolouration from bundle to bundle (this is due to one bundle of hair being sourced from one donor, each donor will not have the same hair colour) Please do not be alarmed as this is perfectly normal. We do try our best to match up the colours as close as possible.

Total Bundles Installed on our Model*: 4

Total weight: 460 grams*    |  Longest Length: 24″ inches

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